About BibleTok

BibleTok uses blog postings and podcasts to bring the insights of Tok to Christians who want to take their Bible understanding to the next level.

These recordings with Tok started in August 2011 and continued through 2012. We are posting them as they are mastered – audio first, and video as we get to it. Our goal is to preserve these amazing insights into God’s Word, and make them available to everyone world-wide. This site is not associated with any particular denomination, but looks only to the Bible as our ultimate source of Truth.

Although mainly recorded in English (one of many languages that Tok speaks), occasionally you will hear Greek. Our posts will give you Strong’s references where possible.

Podcasts will have associated blog postings that introduce the topic, provides Scripture references, and gives you an outline of the topic. In some cases “show notes” (i.e., printable .PDF handouts) are available from links within the blog entry.

Scripture is typically taken from the New King James Version because it comes from the Textus Receptus – which Tok believes is the most reliable and richest source text. Occasionally other version are references (for example, Young’s Literal Translation). Those other translations are pointed out when used.

Please feel free to leave comments or questions!